4ps of samsung galaxy s3

Nov 21, Posted by Pogi Jr. Replies of This topic: The tablet line from Samsung is collectively called the Galaxy Tablet series. Its very first model was a 7-inch model launched last September which had a single core processor and ran on Android 2.

4ps of samsung galaxy s3

Samsung is faced with highly rivalry by others in the market like Apple, HTC, and Microsoft among others. To curb this competition and in order to be competitive, Samsung 4ps of samsung galaxy s3 a pricing strategy which is winning. Sepherteladze reports that Samsung has not been so popularly in the past but have undertaken strategies in marketing to increase its popularity in the Smartphone market.

As a result of these strategies, the company has been able to acquire a position a major competitor for Apple Inc. Further in regards to brand, it is the seventh most valuable brand currently and the largest tech business with regards to revenue.

Competitive Edge by Samsung: Best Price Offers Samsung seeks a competitive pricing strategy in ensuring a competitive edge. Palmer argues that in order for a company to acquire a competitive edge, it requires to have a marketing strategy that is optimal and unique.

This is the advice that Samsung followed and developed a marketing strategy which enables it to become an industry leader in the technology sector. The following images show a range of Samsung phones which have been launched in the market to compete with the other brands in the Smartphone market.

The Samsung strategy has been argued to be the most effective marketing strategy ever undertaken by a company with the article reporting that as a result of their cost driven strategy the company is becoming an industry leader. As a result of the past success in its marketing strategy, the company have over the years been evolving in its strategy to attract more and more consumers in the market.

Skimming price is utilized by the company in order to compete with its rival. Like Apple, it utilizes a skimming price in order to acquire a competitive edge in the market and Samsung has followed suit with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge new products for the company and promoting them as the best Smartphone in the market.

S6 Edge goes for dollars which has attracted a large number of consumers across the globe. In the event that other smart phones are introduced to the market, the company needs to lower their prices such that those consumers who want to buy a Smartphone are attracted to purchase their products.

In its move to face the stiff competition, we can conclude that the company has employed the use of competitive pricing. Samsung can be considered as a late comer in the major product market it produces with the company finding it with already established brands and as such the need to utilize a practicing strategy this gives it an edge.

Relevance of Pricing Pricing is very crucial for a firm as it ensures that the company communicates to the consumers the value which they attach to the product.

This is particular in the cases where consumers use the price set to judge and make a decision on the value of a particular product. As such, pricing is a critical marketing element as it communicates the market and product value of the product being introduced in the firm.

Introducing a new product is critical as it ensures that the company products are well represented in the market. However, before introducing a new brand or product in the market, it is important for the company to undertake a market research in order to ensure that the product being introduced in the market meets the needs of the consumers.

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4ps of samsung galaxy s3

Get NARUTO SHIPPUDEN ULTIMATE NINJA STORM 4, Fighting, Action, Adventure game for PS4™ console from the official PlayStation® website. Samsung Mobile Phone Marketing Strategy; Samsung Mobile Phone Marketing Strategy.

Words Jan 11th, 8 Pages. Samsung Galaxy S3 Introduction In this paper we shall explore The Traditional 4P’s which are, product place, promotion and price; while also examining and understanding the new 4P’s on which we have today: people. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android smartphone.

Announced Sep Features ″ Super AMOLED display, Snapdragon chipset, 16 MP primary camera, .  Mobile Phones It is era of mobile phones and it has become an important part of our life. Some years back the mobiles were mainly used for calling but now the industry of mobile has taken a great leap.

4ps of samsung galaxy s3

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