A strategic analysis of zipcar

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A strategic analysis of zipcar

The purpose of SWOT analysis factors are categorize as: Zipcar was the first company who introduced the concept of car sharing in the United States as a systematic multi-city business model. The company allows its member to get a car without any need of interacting with a front office.

The company has maintained its competitive advantage by keeping a high level of NPS. Zipcar has been consistent with the general market trend by promoting environmental friendly transportation solutions. However, the company can leverage itself by expanding its market leadership with car manufacturers in order to secure better deals of procurement i.

As the company expands its business in the cities like London and Barcelona which can lead to a heavy expenditure overall. The target market of Zipcar exist in the high population metropolitan areas.

Most recent areas where the company has expanded its growing market is in the universities and local businesses. The recent acquisition with a London based competitor, Streetcar.

Inc the company is able to expand its presence aggressively into the European markets in the long run.Intelligent benchmarking and rate data analysis for ocean freight rates. When Robin Chase cofounded Zipcar, she not only started a business but established the foundation for one of the most important economic and social ideas of our time: the collaborative economy.

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A strategic analysis of zipcar

Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more. An assessment of the strategic value of expanding Zipcar business was performed by identifying its resources and core competencies.

Through its resources and core competencies, a S.W.O.T.

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analysis and external environmental analysis were performed to identify its strategic advantage and business model where it should strongly focus on its. The intention of this report is to conduct a strategic analysis of an American company called Zipcar, which is a car sharing company.

For an annual fee, customers, known as ‘Zipsters’, have the option to rent a car whenever and for however long they need one.

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