An analysis of the book more than anything else by booker t washington

Jan 11, Anne rated it really liked it Simply put a beautiful story on reading with beautiful imagery.

An analysis of the book more than anything else by booker t washington

Summary Analysis After traveling the countryside and seeing the awful conditions of the people, Washington felt deeply discouraged.

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To Washington, his travels confirmed the idea that a traditional New England education that is focused on book learning would not be appropriate or sufficient for the people of the region. White and black citizens alike were quite interested in the school, but white citizens were skeptical of the education of the black citizens because they thought it might foster disunity between the races.

They felt that the more that black citizens are educated, the more that they lose their economic value. It was difficult for the white citizens to imagine anything else. The idea that the education of black Americans was a waste of time has its roots in slavery.

Many slave masters felt that education and literacy were not only wasteful but dangerous, as they gave slaves ideas of freedom and equality that the slave owners believed were not applicable to slaves, since they were not seen as fully human.

This idea transferred over to the post-Civil War era, in which many white Americans still felt that black Americans were meant to be a laboring class that did not need education.

An analysis of the book more than anything else by booker t washington

Active Themes Washington says that he relied on two men in particular at the beginning of the school. These two men, Mr. Lewis Adams, were the citizens who originally wrote General Armstrong requesting a teacher in Tuskegee. Campbell was a former slave owner and Mr. Adams was a former slave, but Washington claims that they were two noble men who worked hard for peaceful racial relations in Tuskegee.

An analysis of the book more than anything else by booker t washington

He often solicited their advice and support. Washington is usually quick to point out that some of the men who helped him achieve success were former slave owners.


He believes that their prejudice was largely abolished by the time that he interacted with them, and he sees them as great men of high society. Active Themes Washington particularly admired Mr.

Adams, who was an unschooled mechanic that also knew the trades of harness-making, tin smithing, and shoemaking from his bondage in slavery. Such an institution is not as fortuitous as Washington makes it out to be. On the first morning of operation for the school, about 30 students showed up, and Washington was the only teacher.

Many more students were interested in the school, but Washington decided to only take those who were above the age of Many of the students were actually public school teachers, some even nearing the age of However, many of the younger pupils surpassed the ability of the older teachers. Washington criticizes these teachers, saying that they placed more value in high-sounding subjects like Greek and Latin than practical education.

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