Berkeley university opencourseware

An understanding of music notation and basic musical terms is helpful but not required for these presentations. The math involved is basic.

Berkeley university opencourseware

Have you always wanted to learn more about science or literature? Are you thinking of changing your career or going back to school? Do you want to improve your business skills? Open courseware projects OCWs are free courses, often designed and offered by the best schools in the nation, that are perfect for independent learners.

Open courseware projects provide high-quality study materials and are designed so that students can study completely at their own pace.

Berkeley university opencourseware

Now there are more options for independent learners than ever before. These open courseware projects are available in a wide range of formats, bringing together Berkeley university opencourseware from lecture notes to videos to reading material. Architecture From building green to touring amazing cities, these open courseware projects will let you learn about an incredibly diverse range of subjects in architecture.

Hong Kong University shares a range of courses on architecture, many Berkeley university opencourseware with sustainability and green architecture, in this OCW project.

Head to the architecture department at MIT for some high quality courses on the subject. Get transcripts from lectures and events at the London School of Economics from up until the present day.

PEOI has hundreds of courses in the works, but currently only offers a handful in business and economics topics. The Small Business Association offers loads of resources for budding entrepreneurs on their site, including courses, videos, and texts on business.

Those working in nonprofits, or who hope to, should take advantage of the learning modules here. Engineering From electrical engineering to nuclear engineering, these OCW projects will teach self-directed learners just about anything they want to know about the field.

This Java-based project provides access to modules for learning about fluid dynamics, statics, and dynamics. Visit this site to see what engineering professor Gerald Recktenwald is teaching this semester. The Middle East Technical University offers a wide range of free courses in English for those who want to learn more about engineering.

Other topics are covered as well, from anthropology to game technology.

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MIT has one of the best engineering programs in the world and you can learn more from professors at the school through free engineering courses. NC Learning Object Repository: Former professor Bill Garland shares his expertise on the subject of nuclear engineering through this amazing collection of resources.

The Delft University of Technology shares numerous resources in engineering and computer science in English that range from topics like biomedical engineering to sustainable development.

University of Memphis Civil Engineering: Learn the basics of civil engineering measurements from the course materials provided by U Memphis here.

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Environmental Science Want to play a role in building a greener future? Learn more about the science and technology that will make it possible through these projects. Here, you can find OCW resources focused on energy sources and environmental science. Nelson from Tulane offers access to six courses he has taught at the school over the past few years, from mineralogy to petrology.

United Nations Online Learning: While not limited strictly to environmental issues, the bulk of the courses offered for free by the UN do touch on environmental science. Art, Metaphor, and Life: Want to learn how to sing? The BBC has brought together a wealth of tutorials and videos to help you belt it out with the best of them.

The Berklee College of Music offers up a number of free music lessons online that can help budding musicians and vocalists hone their skills.

Studio Art at Capiliano: Yale History of Art: Yale offers free courses in art history, though currently there is only one available, covering Roman Architecture. Law Brush up on American law through these amazing resources. Center for the Study of the Public Domain: Here, you can listen to dozens of lectures on copyright and public domain, watch videos, read articles, and even see bigger projects done by CSPD.

Get career help, explore exciting topics, and hear from practicing lawyers and professors in this lecture series.Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, ISBN: Hutchinson, Sharon.

Readings Evans-Pritchard, E. E. The Nuer: A Description of the Modes of Livelihood and Political Institutions of a Nilotic People. About MIT OpenCourseWare. Physics OpenCourseWare University Rankings. #2 UC Berkeley. The University of California at Berkeley provides nearly 20 free physics courses and more than 20 free physics lectures to self-learners around the world.

Courses and lectures can be viewed as videos or downloaded as audio files. New webcasts are added each semester.

Berkeley university opencourseware

Delft University of Technology is an engineering university located in the Netherlands that provides nearly open courses through its remarkable OpenCourseWare program.

With a focus on the sciences, this school features open courses that cover infrastructures, energy, the environment and health. Enjoy a college math lecture course from the comfort of home thanks to OpenCourseWare from the University of California, Berkeley.

Open Learning Courses with Harvard Faculty Abstract Algebra. In these free videotaped lectures, Professor Gross presents an array of algebraic concepts. To explore the lectures, visit the Abstract Algebra Open Learning Course page. Powell M. Cabot Professor of American Literature at Harvard University.

The course features . The biological effects of the ω-3 and ω-6 fatty acids are mediated by their mutual interactions, but it is unclear whether the dietary ratio of omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 .

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