Compare the johnston family essay

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Compare the johnston family essay

Compare the johnston family essay

Contact Author Introduction This paper will explore families with an adolescent identified as a juvenile sexual offender. It will examine therapeutic concerns common to families in this stage of the life cycle for adolescents and those teenagers classified as juvenile sexual offenders.

It will review how these concerns are connected with developmental issues and how I would approach a family struggling with the realization that one of the adolescent members is a sexual offender using Cognitive-Behavioral therapy and Solution Focused therapy approaches.

Therapeutic Concerns and Developmental Issues Developmentally, adolescents undergo several changes. Teenagers grow at a remarkable rate biologically, the fastest since infancy.

Adolescents begin to utilize abstract thinking and they become extremely egocentric, believing that everyone is watching them and no one has ever experienced what they are experiencing.

Compare the johnston family essay

Socially, teenagers start moving toward their friends and away from their families. Sexual activity is possible and desirable. Sexuality and relationships are explored. Overall, for many teens, adolescence can be a painful time. Common problems generally seen as belonging to adolescents include: The majority of adolescents experiment with alcohol sometime before high school graduation, and the majority will have been drunk at least once; but relatively few teenagers will develop drinking problems or will permit alcohol to adversely affect their school or personal relationships Hughs et alJohnston et al Similarly, although the vast majority of teenagers do something during adolescence that is against the law, very few young people develop criminal careers Farrington Some teenagers fall into patterns of criminal or delinquent behavior during adolescence, and for this reason we tend to associate delinquency with the adolescent years.

However, most teenagers who have recurrent problems with the law had problems at home and at school from an early age; in some samples of delinquents, the problems were evident as early as preschool Moffitt Rates of drug and alcohol use, unemployment, and delinquency are all higher within the adolescent and youth population than among adults, but most individuals who have abused drugs and alcohol, been unemployed, or committed delinquent acts as teenagers grow up to be sober, employed, law-abiding adults Steinberg There is a genuine increase in bickering and squabbling between parents and teenagers during the early adolescent years, although there is no clear consensus as to why this occurs when it does; psychoanalytic Holmbeckcognitive Smetana et alsocial-psychological Laursenand evolutionary Steinberg explanations all have been offered.

Finally, the process of disequilibration in early adolescence is typically followed by the establishment of a parent-adolescent relationship that is less contentious, more egalitarian, and less volatile Steinberg The common problems many adolescents deal with seem to be magnified for juvenile sexual offenders.

Typically, these teenagers choose sexual acting out as a coping strategy for the difficulties in their lives. They will sexually offend in order to regulate their emotions. This over-compensation is maladaptive.

Most juvenile sexual offenders lack empathy for their victims, view their offenses as justified and have extreme difficulty visualizing inappropriate patterns in their behaviors. Safety and supervision are the two critical focus areas for offenders.

Protection for the victim scommunity and family are of paramount concern and interventions must be explored thoroughly so specific measures can be set in place to eliminate the risks for re-offenses.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In some cases, the problem of sexually acting out is a product of operant conditioning. The messages and responses children received from others i. In other cases, children may have had maladaptive coping responses to emotional distress and chose to act out in a way that felt pleasurable.

In assessing this problem, I would need to examine the ranges of sexualized behaviors the adolescent engages in. These behaviors may include sexualized talk, viewing of sexual materials pornographic magazines, videos, etc. It would be imperative to pinpoint the specific motivations for each of the sexual behaviors the child used to offend.

I would work with the family to identify all triggers for all ranges of offending behaviors and use event recording to count specific instances in which the pinpointed behavior occurs.

The antecedent to the problematic behavior must be determined in order to employ effective relapse prevention and intervention strategies for both the child and the family. This will enable the entire family to be proactive in identifying high risk factors for the child and work to reduce or eliminate those factors.

Families must learn that it is difficult to ascertain the emotional distress a person is under unless that person verbalizes his critical emotional level or the family has mastered the skill of identifying non-verbal cues that indicate risk for sexually acting out from the offender.

Therefore, one critical intervention is to control the level of freedom and individuality an offender has with the identified population that poses a risk for him to relapse. The consequence for the targeted behavior is the willingness of the family to allow fearless communication from each other so that the thoughts and feelings from the offender are encouraged to be openly discussed.

The family will likely need much support from the therapist during the initial phase of this process.

Specifically, it would be important to have the juvenile offender practice disclosing his thoughts and feelings and the family listening to and accepting him without judgment or criticism so they may work together to formulate a safe haven in which he has the ability to share openly and they can validate his feelings.

If he can increase his tolerance for stressors, he may be able to learn more adaptive coping mechanism.Essay about Is the Media Taking Over. becomes something of importance to viewers across the nation (Johnston ). In opinionated articles such as Watching TV Makes You Smarter by Steven Johnston, Family Guy and Freud: Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious by Antonia Peacocke, and The Good, the Bad, and The Daily Show .

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