Dangerous minds movie essay

The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or you turn on your television.

Dangerous minds movie essay

The movie is set inin an inner-city high school in California, United states. Louannean ex-U. Marine starts teaching underprivileged rebellious high schoolers from troubled neighborhoods.

This blog attempts to analyze the teaching pedagogies in the movie Dangerous Minds, by highlighting different concepts in learning theories, such as Behaviorism, Social-Cognitive and Constructivism, that are represented in the movie.

Eight snippets are selected that illustrate the main features of the highlighted theories.

Dangerous minds movie essay

Behaviorism The first snippet is at the beginning of the movie when the teacher, Lou Anne enters the classroom for the first time and finds herself confronted with a class full of hostile and tough teenagers.

Lou Anne was surprised as she did not expect this and was not aware of how to deal with them. This snippet first shows how Ms. Lou Anne tried to resort to a form of trial and error as it was her first time to experience such a group, was not prepared and did not know what to expect, thus she did not know how to deal with them.

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Thorndike believed that learning occurs through trial and error and that it occurs gradually, as the teacher records or repeats the stimuli that causes successful responses and disregards the unsuccessful ones Schunk, After the first incident, she decided not to give up and did some research and decided to try new approaches with those students.

Starting with a change in her own image by changing her style of clothing and attitude, so she can have the students relate to her and not feel that she is awkward or totally different from them. The concept of self-control of performance in the social cognitive theory is evident in this part, which is the ability of a person to participate in a certain behavior in order to achieve a specific goal.

According to Bandura, self- regulation operates through three things: Self- regulation also encompasses the self-efficacy concept, which has a strong impact on thought, affect, motivation, and action Bandura, Here she used a combination of the Premack principle and positive reinforcement strategies, which are concepts in the behaviorist theory.

By using the premack principle, she selected effective rein forcers as she knew the students had never gotten an A before, yet they are smart students with low self esteem, so maybe they needed to have some motivation. What is interesting in this approach is that she combined motivation and goals, which are concepts in the social — cognitive theory with positive reinforcement.

Dangerous minds movie essay

Social -Cognitive The third snippet shows how Lou Anne continues to use positive reinforcement by giving candy bars as rewards to students who answer her questions, as well as promises to take them to rides in an amusement park.

Until now she is still combining between concepts in the behaviorist theory with social —cognitive theory like managing emotional arousal and reciprocal determinism.

As she is trying to reach the students, there are excessive emotional arousal going on, which inhibits learning. In the following snippets, we see how Lou Anne started to use more modern concepts with the students based on the constructivist learning theory 4.

Constructivism In snippet four we see Lou Anne using the facilitation approach, which is a prominent concept in the constructivist theory. She was guiding them to find the correct answer, which is also a scaffolding method, to bit by bit climb the ladder to take them to higher understanding.

Emotional Competency - Distortions

Vicarious Consequences to Models: When Emilio was interested in the poem and started to respond, this lead the way to the other students to discuss and analyze the poem and have a dialogue with the teacher and with each other.

Constructivism Snippet six shows how Lou Anne delves deeper into the constructivist framework in her approaches with the students.Dangerous Minds () User Score.

Play Trailer; strong violence, horror, gore, and strong drug use. A movie rated R for profanity often has more severe or frequent language than the PG rating would permit.

Dangerous Minds - Movie Synopsis, Summary, Plot & Film Details

An R-rated movie may have more blood, gore, drug use, nudity, or graphic sexuality than a PG movie would admit. (This is my final essay assignment for my Sociology class.


I’m officially on break until mid-January! I got a 90, BTW.) The film, Dangerous Minds, follows the story of Louanne Johnson, an ex-U.S. leslutinsduphoenix.com in , the story begins with Louanne entering into her first year teaching at an inner-city school with underprivileged youths, where she explores the challenges of teaching her.


Dangerous Minds () Former Marine Louanne Johnson (Michelle Pfeiffer) lands a gig teaching in a pilot program for bright but underachieving teens at a notorious inner-city high school. Although "West Side Story" was named the best picture of and won 10 Academy Awards, it is not much mentioned by movie fans these days, and the old warhorse "Singin' in the Rain" is probably more seen and certainly better loved.

Former Marine Louanne Johnson lands a gig teaching in a pilot program for bright but underachieving teens at a notorious inner-city high school. After having a terrible first day, she decides she must throw decorum to the wind. When Johnson returns to the classroom, she does so armed with a no-nonsense attitude informed by her [ ].

The white savior is a cinematic trope in which a white character rescues people of color from their plight. Certain critics have observed this narrative in an array of genres of films in American cinema, wherein a white protagonist is portrayed as a messianic figure who often learns something about him or herself in the course of rescuing characters of color.

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