How cruel is the story of

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How cruel is the story of

The first on the list of her alleged victims was Appius Junius Silanus. Another person who probably died because of the ambitious empress was a commander of the Praetorian Guard, Catonius Jutus, who was a witness to her promiscuous behavior.

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She is also said to be guilty of killing Julia Livilla, a niece of Claudius, and Julia, the granddaughter of Tiberius. Messalina was said to have ordered their deaths because she was jealous of their beauty.

Due to her orders, Marcus Vinicius, the husband of Julia Livilla, was poisoned as well. The list of possible murders and crimes by Messalina is much longer, but there is very little proof for any of these stories.

Was She an Unfaithful Wife and a Prostitute? Another one of her many described faults was her lack of faithfulness to her husband.

Reports by ancient historians claim that she could have even had lovers during her lifetime. According to their descriptions, she liked to work in a public house as a prostitute as well. Although it sounds unrealistic that an empress of Rome worked in such a place, many people believed this story without a doubt.

How cruel is the story of

The source of this information stays unknown, however, and it sounds more like typical Roman gossip than the truth. Some purpose built Roman brothels had permanent foundations for beds, such as this one in Pompeii.

Public Domain There was gossip that Messalina enjoyed working as a prostitute. Thus, Messalina declared her divorce from Claudius, and Silius divorced his wife too. It is said that she escaped to the gardens of Valerius Asiaticus, another person whose prosecution she had influenced. There, she was waiting her death with her mother, who tried to make her commit an honorable suicide.

She was found and executed by the centurions.

How cruel is the story of

Several great Roman writers mentioned Valeria Messalina in their works. The list of names is impressive: However, it should be noted that Messalina died before most of them were born.

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Josephus was a little boy when she died as well.The difference between a historically good pen (Indians, ) and a historically bad one (Indians, ) is the stuff of front-office nightmares.

Presented by Russell Boulter, this docudrama follows the course of George Muller’s () progress from playboy to Christian convert, who “robbed the cruel streets of thousands of victims, the gaols of thousands of felons, and the workhouses of thousands of helpless waifs” by founding a series of homes where children were cared for and educated.

Apr 23,  · A version of this op-ed appears in print on, on Page A21 of the New York edition with the headline: Cruel and Unusual History. Today's Paper | Subscribe Continue reading the main story. Questioning the Dramatic Story of the Empress Messalina, Was She a Cruel Doxy or the Victim of a Smear Campaign?

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