Hr practice in apple company

Many times, HR strategy becomes the reason for company to stand strong and grow big to rule the world. Apple is one example of such company. Great talents and unusual talent management approaches are considered as the most important reasons why Apple could be the leader in consumer electronics.

Hr practice in apple company

All of this requires serious alignment of brand, business goals and people processes.

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Finding the right people to work in the stores is half the battle. Tightly defined roles ensure that your employees knows exactly what he or she is expected to do, what others do and what other roles they could move into.

Free up your leadership. When your workforce is deployed effectively—with minimal room in the process for bottle-necking—managers spend less time wondering who should be where and more time keeping the machine in shipshape.

And no one appreciates this more than the employees staffing the stores, who are on the front lines of the customer relationship.

Hr practice in apple company

Apple would be hard-pressed to deliver their standard of service in retail unless their employees were satisfied with the level of employee engagement. Retain with growth opportunities. Many organizations are struggling to retain top talent, but how many offer a great opportunity for college grads to make something of themselves?

Besides having a great job portal on their site with multiple open positions, Apple prides itself on promoting from within. Getting to that level requires open dialogue between senior leadership and business partners and human resources and recruiting.Strengths and weaknesses of HRM of Apple.

Hr practice in apple company

Human resources management or HRM includes recruitment, employee remuneration and benefits, and defining job roles (Dass et al, ). Human Resource Management entails a set of formal systems and processes carried out for the management of employees in an organisation.

The company engages in an HR best practice of paying its interns and making job offers to many when the internship has ended.

Hilcorp believes in philanthropy and will pay up to $1, to match. Apple company designs, manufactures and distributes computers, tablets, smartphones and MP3 player. The local subsidiary employs about 2, staffs in Australia (IBISWORLD, ).

iPhone and iPad as its best-known products have got % market share in the mobile market and tablets market (IBISWORLD, ).

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Apple's Human Resource Management Case Study Apple's Human Resource Management Case Study Recruitment Approaches Best Suitable for Apple: Apple's talent acquisition channels should aim to go beyond the traditional methods of making use of print advertisements and agencies and focus towards integration of newer and more broad-scoped methods of job boards and virtual social networks.

Strategic Human Resource Activities at Apple Inc Apple Inc. is an international corporation that specializes in the manufacture of electronics and software products. The company was founded in by Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak.

This report has attempted to identify and assess the strengths and weaknesses of Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, and business strategy of Apple Inc. It can be concluded that Apple Inc.

is an early adaptor and is usually the foremost company to engineer and design unique, innovative products/5(14K).

Apple's Human Resource Management Case Study | Researchomatic