Mga anyong lupa

Ito ang pinaka-karaniwang maririnig mo na reklamo o batikos ng mga taga-ibang relihiyon tungkol sa ating pananampalataya. Bakit kuno may mga larawan tayo eh ayon sa nakasulat sa Exodo 20 ay bawal ang paggawa ng anumang larawan at ang pagsamba sa mga ito.

Mga anyong lupa

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Napakaraming relihiyon dito sa Pilipinas, ang nakarehistro sa gobyerno ay mahigit na isang libong Mga anyong lupa o relihiyon tulad ng: Iglesia katolika or Roman Catholic 2.

Napakaraming klase na Mga anyong lupa again 3. Marami ding klaseng Iglesia ni Cristo 4. Maraming klaseng Church of Christ 7. More than 86 percent of the population is Roman Catholic, 6 percent belong to various nationalized Christian cults, and another 2 percent belong to well over Protestant denominations.

In addition to the Christian majority, there is a vigorous 4 percent Muslim minority, concentrated on the southern islands of Mindanao, Sulu, and Palawan. Scattered in isolated mountainous regions, the remaining 2 percent follow non-Western, indigenous beliefs and practices.

The Chinese minority, although statistically insignificant, has been culturally influential in coloring Filipino Catholicism with many of the beliefs and practices of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

The pre-Hispanic belief system of Filipinos consisted of a pantheon of gods, spirits, creatures, and men that guarded the streams, fields, trees, mountains, forests, and houses. Bathala, who created earth and man, was superior to these other gods and spirits.

Regular sacrifices and prayers were offered to placate these deities and spirits--some of which were benevolent, some malevolent. Wood and metal images represented ancestral spirits, and no distinction was made between the spirits and their physical symbol. Reward or punishment after death was dependent upon behavior in this life.

Anyone who had reputed power over the supernatural and natural was automatically elevated to a position of prominence. Every village had its share of shamans and priests who competitively plied their talents and carried on ritual curing. Many gained renown for their ability to develop anting-anting, a charm guaranteed to make a person invincible in the face of human enemies.

Other sorcerers concocted love potions or produced amulets that made their owners invisible.

Mga anyong lupa

Upon this indigenous religious base two foreign religions were introduced -- Islam and Christianity -- and a process of cultural adaptation and synthesis began that is still evolving.

Spain introduced Christianity to the Philippines in with the arrival of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. Earlier, beginning inIslam had been spreading northward from Indonesia into the Philippine archipelago. By the time the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, Islam was firmly established on Mindanao and Sulu and had outposts on Cebu and Luzon.

At the time of the Spanish arrival, the Muslim areas had the highest and most politically integrated culture on the islands and, given more time, would probably have unified the entire archipelago. Carrying on their historical tradition of expelling the Jews and Moros [Moors] from Spain a commitment to eliminating any non-ChristiansLegaspi quickly dispersed the Muslims from Luzon and the Visayan islands and began the process of Christianization.

Dominance over the Muslims on Mindanao and Sulu, however, was never achieved during three centuries of Spanish rule. During American rule in the first half of this century the Muslims were never totally pacified during the so-called "Moro Wars. Many feel, with just cause, that integration amounts to cultural and psychological genocide.

For over ten years the Moro National Liberation Front has been waging a war of secession against the Marcos government.

While Islam was contained in the southern islands, Spain conquered and converted the remainder of the islands to Hispanic Christianity. The Spanish seldom had to resort to military force to win over converts, instead the impressive display of pomp and circumstance, clerical garb, images, prayers, and liturgy attracted the rural populace.

To protect the population from Muslim slave raiders, the people were resettled from isolated dispersed hamlets and brought "debajo de las companas" under the bellsinto Spanish organized pueblos.Browse anyong lupa pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket.

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Mga anyong lupa

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