My ambition mba

The last section of this post consists of a three step process for developing your future career vision so that you can put forward truly compelling goals in your essays and interviews.

My ambition mba

The jumbled thoughts of a MBA student: A collection of professional, personal and day-to-day experiences Monday, September 03, Ambition - What's your ambition? There are many times I have wondered why I'm not 'Ambitious'.

By ambitious I mean that go-get-it feeling, fire-in-the-belly, I'm going to make it etc etc.

Life as a MBA: Ambition - What's your ambition?

On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate myself a 6. I wouldn't want to lay back and do nothing, I do want to do something and do it well so that at the end of the day or life, I can look back and smile contently.

My ambition mba

A few of my questions were answered in class. My HR and Organizational Behavior professors would discuss how people are different. You can't expect the same thing from each one.

My ambition mba

That is why we have job profiles and roles. A painter could not do the work of an engineer. You could train him to be an engineer but he'd be miserable. Same with an engineer. He likes to make stuff, experiment around and debug. He won't be happy as a human resource manager trying to understand people and how they work.

He mostly understand programmes or buildings. So how is this related to ambition? Well in a way trying to link myself as to what kind of person I am and what role, what job description suits me most.

I know instinctively I am more right brain - creative kind but at the same time a good does of left brains I can count! Probably, that's the reason why I could fit in any job role yet what I really do want to do is two things: I remember the time when we were applying for our under graduation courses for the University of Nairobi, I had kept B.

Ed as my first choice. My teachers and classmates were shocked. According to them, teaching was the last thing one selected if they couldn't get into any of the other degrees. They expected me to select Medicine or Dentistry since I was their top student.

I decided to let go a that moment. I wanted to be a University professor. If I took up B. Ed I'd be a high school teacher - which is also cool. I think teenagers are adorable, full of energy and creative ideas.

Along the way, through my degree, the rush for a career made me forget about teaching.MY MOTIVATION TO STUDY AN MBA The rising competition for limited jobs and decreasing job openings necessitate my ambition to have the advantage of being able to standout to start a business of my own and grow it in the international marketplace.

Pro Badminton Player Sees MBA Strategy Career As Final Play Arak Bhokanandh was a consultant at top firms Accenture and Deloitte - and was a top-ten professional badminton player.

But after a Bath MBA, he is aiming even higher. What is Your Ambition in Life Interview Question: “My personal ambition remains the same – to be creative, to be modern, to stay one step ahead, to enjoy life”. Natalie Massenet “Be a warrior when it comes to delivering on your ambitions.

Sep 03,  · A few of my questions were answered in class. My HR and Organizational Behavior professors would discuss how people are different.

Ambition & Vision are Good: Thoughts on MBA Career Goals

You can't expect the same thing from each one. Your career ambition should be based on a passion for what you want to do. Only you can decide this. However, read the following which may help understand the benefits of an MBA.

The following was. Avalyn Lim is an executive coach on the MBA, EMBA and Executive Education programs at INSEAD.

She runs a coaching practice as well as a blog – – on managing portfolio careers, career transitions and identity in the workplace.

What should be your career ambition be as an MBA