Neil young essays

When Neil Gaiman was fifteen, a career counselor asked him what he wanted to do for a living. His answer was simple:

Neil young essays

His first necessity, after reaching the town of Machine and being denied a job, is shelter the paradoxical consequence of taking that shelter is that he becomes a fugitive in the wilderness, once again in need of shelter. Why does he shoot the weird encampment of fur traders if not to give Blake an animal-skin coat to shelter him from the cold?

But we can also understand nature and the relationship of human bodies to it as engendering something that will not kill you—even when taken in great amounts—and that can in fact do much good for you. And that thing is music. Perhaps not all music descends from nature. But most of it does.

I am thinking about the music made by animals, plants, earth, and the human body: Young likes to record during full moons, and that is the extent of what I know about how much he has thought about music as an outgrowth of nature.

When I listen to him playing Old Black, unaccompanied or in an extended solo, I find that I listen deeply. And because there is a fair amount of space to drift within that music, I think about myself, too.

How Dare You

The sound of it all, the tone of it, seems to be bigger than him and bigger than me. Young lets single notes ring for a while. He lets the note get around you and lets you get around it.

The Kaplans suggest that soft fascination can be experienced most purely in nature. The gunfights in Dead Man are action sequences, of a sort. But much of the rest of the movie seems inspired by, and conducive to, soft fascination.

The sections of the movie with only Blake and Nobody, set among trees, water, and fire, are the soul of Dead Man, and there is where you can sense that Young was paying the keenest attention. Right at the midpoint of the movie, Blake—wounded, starving, probably dying of infection—and Nobody are sitting beside a fire.

Nobody has just eaten peyote and prepares to sing. Young makes a first tiny, tentative guitar sound.

Nobody follows with a soft phrase, then takes a breath; Young fills in that breath. Nobody sings another phrase, and Young fills in the next breath.

Neil young essays

This is attention on a microscopic scale. The film fades out and fades back in. Now Nobody is kneeling, close to Blake, peering over him, curiously, knowingly.

Blake scrunches his eyes and opens them, naive and blank—an infant. With the opening of the lids, Young rings a chord loudly: Nobody mounts his horse and rides away.

The fire crackles on, and Young makes his chord glow and crackle in response. So little happens in this six-minute scene.

The Criterion Collection - The Current - Dead Man: Earth, Wind, and Fire

The Story of a Sound.Neil Young has been a major force in rock and roll since the debut of the Buffalo Springfield in Before that he had toured small clubs in Canada as a folk singer.

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Neil young essays

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