Plantain plantation business plan

Palm Kernel Sludge Other derivatives. With the high industrial uses for PKO which is gotten from Palm Kernel and also the very important use of the Palm Kernel Cake in the feed industry, market prospect remains very high and promising for any investor. The first way to begin is to get a comprehensive and tailored Business Plan on your proposed Oil Palm Plantation. It is tailored to your proposed farm size and capital outlay.

Plantain plantation business plan

There are selected regions where plantains can be cultivated. When acquiring lands, one should go for lands with loamy soils. These lands have the best producing soil as they contain a good organic to inorganic ratio.

It is very important to go for lands with the right soil composition otherwise your plantains will not grow To engage in commercial farming you will need at least two hectares of land.

Plantain plantation business plan the land and cut some of the trees if any. The proposed soil must be a well drained land that is rich and naturally fertilized as young plantain plants do not do well in wet conditions. If such lands are not available it is important to revitalize the soil by using manure and compost fertilizers.


They are vegetatively propagated most often from suckers. How to source suckers in large quantities is a key factor that affects plans of venturing into plantain farming.

However when one is able to source for suckers, and get started with plantain farming, the plantain grows rapidly and reproduces without stress.

The farm can be sustained for decades without need for new suckers. When buying your suckers, it is very important to buy from reputable farms. A single individual cannot be the CEO, labourer, marketer etc at the same time, thus the need for labourers.

Labourers are needed to help in preparing the lands, to plant and water the plantains, and to weed and harvest the plantains. Farm labourers are cheap to employ.

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If you run a mechanized farm, you will need also machineries and operators. Weed control is very important, most especially in the early months after planting before plants produce enough leaves to shade out the weeds.

The traditional method of controlling weeds is by cutting or pulling out the weeds, or employing a labourer to do so. It must be watered regularly and fertilized at least once a month.

When choosing fertilizers, NPK fertilizers or fertilizers with Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are recommended.

plantain plantation business plan

Another way to fertilize the soil and sustain its rich quality of the soil is to throw plantain dead leaves back into the soil. It is important to protect the plants from strong winds.

Plantains do not need constant pruning. Removal of dead leaves and dead plants is enough. If the plantains are properly cared for, they will be ready to reproduce within 8 — 10 months of planting.

The beautiful thing is that while one is getting mature for harvest, another one is replacing it. All you do is harvest and reap your profits all year around.

You must master the cycle of plantain farming, so that you harvest and market at the right period. You can market your plantain to food processing companies, or plantain retailers.

You can also establish a plantain processing company alongside running the plantain farm. The fact that plantains are consumed by many people makes it a profitable venture. It is important to develop a good marketing strategy for your plantain farming business, if you indeed want to maximize profits in the business.OUR STANDARD OIL PALM PLANTATION BUSINESS PLAN is world class, industry standard and technically in depth.

We are also able to further back the plan in technical consultation, raising of nursery, consultancy for the farm set up and management. Plantain Farming Business Plan / Feasibility Study.

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CONTROL THE WEEDS A large number of weeds both annuals and perennials infest plantain plantation. Weed control is very important, most especially in the early months after planting before plants produce enough leaves to shade out the weeds.

OUR STANDARD OIL PALM PLANTATION BUSINESS PLAN is a comprehensive business plan that will assist you with all the needed ideas, plans, financial projections, technical inputs expectations and general road map to starting a successful OIL PALM PLANTATION.

PLANTAIN FARMING BUSINESS PLAN/ FEASIBILITY STUDY ON 1 ACRES 3 years production plan. Unlike starting other tree farms, starting a plantain farm and growing plantain are easier and less complicated.

Although growing plantain still require ones attention, the level of skill required is not as intensive as other trees. GUIDE: PLANTAIN FARMING BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE.

Have it in mind that the plantain that you eat almost every day, fetch millions of dollars into the pocket of few farmers. Today, only few farmers plant and grow plantain in Africa and this makes the demand high and profitable. As a new business, you need a functional business/feasibility plan and the first thing to do while starting plantain flour production is to come up with one.

I prepared a free online course on how to write a business plan.

Plantain Farming in Nigeria: Starting a Plantain Plantation