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The politics of tradition Deadline: This conference intends to prolong this collective reflection by foregrounding an examination of the ways in which the domain of the political and traditions in and of the built environment are intertwined. While the political in traditions has always been part of the debate at IASTE conferences, at a time of struggles globally around the meaning and the practices of political participation in making the built environment, it is valuable to address how the built environment has been shaped by state apparatuses or by citizens to advance diverse political positions, often deploying imaginaries of tradition, purportedly rejecting emerging spatial practices and political subjectivities. Consequently, the conference will offer reflections both on the importance of the concept of tradition for the political question in itself and on the ways in which variants of governance structures face the question of tradition in the built environment.

Rencontres aperau

Insularity, Distance, and Proximity D.

Les 19èmes Rencontres Internationales en Urbanisme - APERAU (Byblos – LIBAN) -

The main common point between insular territories is a limited amount of land. This might seem obvious or irrelevant because it concerns a large majority of states. Therefore, insularity causes a contradictory representation of distance and proximity but also a perception of the outside world unique to the island.

The dialectic perception- representation provokes a view of the world that differs from that of non-island peoples within the population but also among urbanists and planners.

The ports acting as an interface between the island and the outside territory must be integrated into the city built nearby to provide urban continuity so that the city can develop outwards, to welcome but also to thrive.

We report a novel method for the spatial analysis of informal transport activities for future environmental planning.

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It uses a combination of spatial data gathered with GPS devices and semi-formal interviews. We show that the current configuration of the system Rencontres aperau not optimized. It leads to a greater concentration of motorcycle taxis activities in denser urban areas, emitting high levels of noise and air pollution.

Recommendations include decentralizing part of the activity and closer monitoring of the number of pilots. Ecosystem services and federalism: A fundamental element of a federated state Rencontres aperau the division of power between a central government and the component states.

Switzerland is a federation consisting of twenty-six sovereign states named canton. Each canton has its own government and parliament, leading to a decentralized public political power. Public policies with a spatial incidence are within the jurisdiction of the Confederation, cantons or municipalities.

The vertical division of competences varies between policies and between cantons. This study focuses on land crop rotation areas LCRAs to assess the impact of federalism on the preservation of ecosystem services. The concept of LCRAs originates from the Wahlen Plan ofwhich aimed to double the surface of cultivated land to ensure food self-sufficiency if imports would stop.

The criteria applied to define LCRAs are heterogeneous between cantons, and remain unchecked. Slope, altitude and land quality are among numerous criteria used to build cantonal inventories of LCRAs.

Various polices have been implemented since the creation of LCRAs, mostly economical to sustain and to intensify agricultural production. However, conflicts between LCRAs and environmental interests such as ecological compensation, watercourse restoration or flood protection affect the provision of ecosystem services ESwhich are the contributions of ecosystems to human well-being.

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LCRAs provide the service of food production, but their purpose is questioned as Switzerland relies increasingly on food imports and LCRAs are sometimes converted to building zones, further impairing the provision of ES.

The current literature focuses largely on ex-ante assessment of ecosystem services. However, this would not allow differentiating the differing implementation strategies of cantons, and explicitly quantify their impact on the provision of ecosystem services. In this contribution, we will demonstrate how an ex-post assessment may be more relevant to detect potential gaps in the implementation of policies in a federal state.

The objective is to relate specific actions to a specific impact at the canton level based on empirical evidence, and to incorporate spatio-temporal dynamics that are critical in land-use planning.

It can inform decision-makers about future sustainable land-use, and foster the redistribution of resource exploitation, such as food production, to optimize the sustainable provision of other ecosystem services.

People-centric Data for Urban planning S. Based mainly on sensors, flow optimization and algorithms, the smart city model has revealed its limits. Technology has the potential to generate tools that improve interaction and information exchange between urban planners and city dwellers, which is a key aspect for more sustainable and responsive planning.

This talk will explore how digital tools can be harnessed to create new means of involving citizens in the urban planning process, and how they integrate a non-expert, but practiced, qualitative layer of knowledge.

By looking at numerous existing digital tools to collect data from citizen, it will examine how qualitative input can be translated into quantitative data to be easily understandable and usable to inform both research and urban planning practices.

Regards d'un philosophe et d'un sociologue sur la question du mode de vie et de son changement M. Digitalization of the urban planning system: Insights from Singapore S.

Rencontres aperau

Cities have been taking steps to transform and improve urban planning processes using digital tools. This presentation gives an overview of different tools developed in Singapore. Citizen-centric data-informed urban planning: Opportunities and limitations of digital tools S.«Loin de se réduire à un aspect réglementaire, le travail de l’urbaniste vise à définir et mettre en forme le projet territorial des collectivités locales.

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Call for abstracts: IASTE The politics of tradition. Deadline: november 6, Site internet: click here. Abstract: Past IASTE conferences have dealt with themes as diverse as Value, Myth, Utopia, Border and many conference intends to prolong this collective reflection by foregrounding an examination of the ways in which the domain of the political and traditions in and.

Prix Eco-cité – Conférence Internationale sur le Bâtiment Durable en chine 5 villes chinoises ont reçu le prix Eco-cité pilote franco-chinois lors de la Conférence Internationale sur le Bâtiment Durable Du Loisir à la Les Rencontres internationales en urbanisme - APERAU constituent des rencontres où chercheurs et praticients débatent des enjeux urbanistiques contemporains et à Uruguay, Si les jeunes filles et les femmes Malgaches sont libres de se donner à .

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