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Frame Your Search Keywords: Soon after Hitler took power inobservers in the United States and other western democracies questioned the morality of supporting Olympic Games hosted by the Nazi regime. Responding to reports of the persecution of Jewish athletes inAvery Brundage, president of the American Olympic Committee AOClike many others in the Olympic movement, initially considered moving the Games from Germany. However, after a brief and tightly managed inspection of German sports facilities inBrundage stated publicly that Jewish athletes were being treated fairly and that the Games should go on as planned.

Research berlin newspapers

Berliner Zeitung and Neue Zeit ran small articles about "new travel regulations. Anyone can now rifle through some 40 years of East German history as printed in the pages of Neues Deutschland, Neue Zeit, the journal of one of East Germany's so-called bloc parties, and Berliner Zeitungthe only East German paper to regain credibility and circulation after reunification.

The Berlin State Library, with support from Germany's Center for Contemporary History ZZF and the Fraunhofer Society, a research organization, has spent the last four years on the project, digitizing every issue of the papers between and It's all online, as of the end of May.

Some of the headlines from present a Research berlin newspapers of Soviet occupation zone picaresque: Replacement for the Men Sacrificed by Hitler.

Research berlin newspapers

Particularly interesting, Ilsen points out, is the coverage of political events. One particularly extreme example of that is found in the papers the day after the now-immortalized worker's uprising on June 17,when the East German government brought in Soviet tanks and gunned down crowds of peaceful demonstrators.

A June 18, edition of the Berliner Zeitung pinned the uprising on "fascist elements" from West Berlin, while Neues Deutschland wrote that the government had protected the city from an attack by "agents of foreign powers" and "German monopolists" who wanted to prevent the government from improving living standards in East Germany.

Also of interest is the way political events outside East Germany were depicted in the press.

Research berlin newspapers

Kennedy's 'peace strategy' is in truth the rearming of Hitler's generals. A search for the word "Elvis" brings up a Berliner Zeitung article from entitled "The Appeal of the Primitive Man" that describes Elvis Presley as a "half illiterate" mama's boy who "can't sing. It was very time-consuming.

Newspaper, German, Available Online, Berlin (Germany), Berlin | Library of Congress Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Liberally conservative and serious pseudo national which is written in old German script. Good art and culture sections are a feature as well as some Berlin pages.
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But we have been able to get it close to complete, something that you can't find in any library or any archive," she said, adding that the organization hopes next to digitize the West German daily papers from the same time period so that the coverage can be compared.

From the online portal, you can pull up the issue of Neues Deutschland from November 11,the day it ran that tiny article about new travel regulations. The Communist Party paper had no choice but to run a follow-up story with a different headline:Berlin: Berlin, capital and chief urban centre of Germany.

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The city lies at the heart of the North German Plain, athwart an east-west commercial and geographic axis that helped make it the capital of the kingdom of Prussia and then, from , of a unified Germany.

Berlin’s former glory ended in , but. The Berlin Crisis of Documents at the National Archives Documents at the National Archives.

marks the 50th anniversary of the political crisis that resulted in the erection of the Berlin Wall, which divided that German city for 28 years.

Try searching all of the different newspapers in the area, because often, multiple newspapers in the same town printed different obituaries for the same person, each obituary with unique information.

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Submit Research. Upload a relevant newspaper article. Or, share that a paper did not cover an event. Explore User Research. Amateur Athletic Union Says “Yes” to Berlin Olympics. The Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History at Salisbury University invites you to search its digital collection of historical Eastern Shore newspapers that provide a unique glimpse into a by-gone way of life, major events, and people.

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