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Telugu thesis index

We read news, literature and poetry from around the world often in real time without stopping to think how it is rendered into the language we understand. Nor do we consider how this affects our world view or our understanding of other peoples and cultures. My name is Katie King. This website is meant to host a conversation about the first and inspire action for the second.

For the last decade, Chad has been compiling this data on world literature in translation to English and making it available for free CC License. It is an extraordinary and unique resource which Chad has called his labor of love. However, until recently it was only available as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

My mission on this website is to surface a section of this data resource — information on translated works from Spain — and make the information more transparent and easy to search and explore online. It is also my goal to initiate a discussion on how to grow and improve the information available on literature in translation to English.

But because he prepares the data by hand, on his own, the scope of the information is limited. For example, it only includes first time translations, not repeat translations. This project will query ways the gaps in the data can be filled in a consistent, reliable fashion.

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One way might be through peer sourcing: Another way is to lobby publishers and commercial data providers to improve reporting of translation data to libraries. For my own research and writing on this site, I will use the existing data to analyze how the voices of Spain have been translated into English during the last decade.

What role has technology, such as eBooks, the growth of small specialty publishers, and self-publishing, played in these choices? I will analyze the answers to these questions to understand the impact they have on how the English-speaking world understands Spain in the 21st century.

Finally, this project is one piece of my larger dissertation work. It is a proof of concept for the importance of translation studies at U. Please explore the data on Spain.

Telugu thesis index

You can also explore a fuller section of the Three Percent Database that includes all literature in the Spanish language from around the world, translated into English over the last decade. This is a dissertation project. The Translation3point0 website and the articles and the searchable database on it are under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.Retrieved from jvwresearch index.

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