The catholic church perspective of hate crimes

Is the Vatican an Evil Organization? With over a Billion adherents and growing, the Catholic Church is an immensely powerful institution. As an organization that claims to represent God and do good, it has tremendous potential to create positive change. Yet, the Catholic Church has a long history of supporting evil and continues to cause tremendous suffering while doing little real good.

The catholic church perspective of hate crimes

Share via Email Pope Francis. A change of heart must come before the actions which will express it. But it is also horrifyingly late and grimly familiar. Not only have successive popes and prelates been expressing their anguish and their shame at child abuse all this century, but the scandals themselves have continued with numbing regularity.

This year opened particularly badly with Francis himself defending with angry scorn a Chilean bishop credibly accused of abuse. Since then he has sacked the bishop in question and four others, among them the man who was in charge of dealing with abuse reports, although the affair still festers: Pope Francis arrives in Ireland for a two-day conference on strengthening the family on Friday.

The irony has not been lost on protestors. But why have there been so many starts before, none of them leading anywhere? Unless statistics lie, the Catholic church is not an organisation uniquely hospitable to sexual predators or even to paedophiles.

Other churches have their own horrendous scandals and cover-ups. So do other professions. But the Catholic church does seem remarkably resistant to reform. Two explanations are offered in a divided church.

Conservative Catholics blame the prevalence of gay men in the priesthood; Francis, and the liberals, blame the clerical culture which leaves bishops and archbishops responsible to no one outside the church and not even to the lay people within it.

Changing that, which his letter demands, would threaten the power structure of the whole church and would be very fiercely resisted.The FBI hate crime statistics for lists intimidation as the number-one reported offense—it counts for over 40 percent of all such crimes.

Yet nowhere does the FBI offer a precise definition of what constitutes “intimidation”; they .

The catholic church perspective of hate crimes

A followup on yesterday's report, via The Chicago Tribune: Police are investigating an attack on a priest Monday in Merrillville as a hate crime, an official said. The Rev.

The catholic church perspective of hate crimes

Basil John Hutsko was. NEWSWEEK – Monday morning attack on a priest from the Saint Michael Byzantine Church has Indiana police investigating it as a hate crime.

Reverend Basil John Hutsko, a Merrillville, Indiana, priest was at the altar praying when he was the victim of a surprise attack, according to .

In an apparently related reaction to the Catholic Church's positions. · Los Angeles Area Church Graffiti Investigated as Hate Crime Authorities are investigating the catholic church perspective of hate crimes vandalism at a Los Angeles County church as a creative writing language skills hate crime · Attacks on Church Part of Rise in Hate Crimes.

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president. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there have been incidents in real life.

The catholic church perspective of hate crimes

The recent passage of Canada’s Bill C, which amended the hate crimes law to include sexual orientation, is a case in point, and the looming “same-sex marriage” bill is another.

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