The family institution

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The family institution

What questions might you ask the young women to help them think and feel deeply about the importance of family? Could these questions encourage expressions of faith? This will encourage personal conversion and help the The family institution women see the relevance of the gospel in their daily lives.

Introduce the doctrine See other learning and teaching ideas. Discuss as a class why this statement is true. Learn together See other learning and teaching ideas.

Each of the activities below can help teach the young women the importance of the family. Following the guidance of the Spirit, select one or more that will work best in your class: Draw a circle on the board.

Invite a young woman to draw a family inside the circle. Around the circle, write premortal life, mortal life, and postmortal life. Invite the young women to share their feelings for their families and why they want to be united with them after this life.

Invite the young women to read Elder D.

The family institution

What can the young women do to show that they understand how important families are? How will their understanding of the importance of families affect the way they treat their family members? Assign each young woman one of the scriptures in this outline.

Invite each young woman to share her scripture and the part of the proclamation it relates to. Ask them to share any experiences they have had that illustrate the importance of families.

What would they say to someone whose family situation is not ideal right now? Encourage the young women to ask any questions they have about preparing for marriage and family. Divide the class into four groups. Have each group study one of the sections of Carole M.

Ask each group to prepare to teach the other groups what they learn from their section. How can they teach and exemplify these truths in their families and communities? Ask the young women to share what they learned today. Do they understand why the family is important? What feelings or impressions do they have?

Do they have any additional questions? Would it be helpful to spend more time on this doctrine?Silver Lake College of the Holy Family is a dynamic value-centered learning community that empowers students through quality liberal arts and professional preparation.

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The social institution of the family is one of our oldest institutions. Through the years it has gone through some changes and many challenges. In this paper I will describe what the social institution of the family is, its functions, how it is failing in the United States, and how other countries are .

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The Puerto Rican Family Institute offers a comprehensive array of social and health care services that are culturally and linguistically relevant. The Puerto Rican Family Institute offers a comprehensive array of social and health care services that are culturally and linguistically relevant.

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