The tropical rainforest of malaysia sarawak

Perfect place to spot wildlife Within the state park you can do wonderful nature tours mainly boat cruises to spot wildlife like elephantsdeer, wild boars, birds, insects and many tropical trees and plants. There are also quite a few endangered animal species that live within the state park; Malaysian tigers, Sumatran rhinoceros, Malaysian sunbear, tapirs and the white-handed gibbon.

The tropical rainforest of malaysia sarawak

Kuala Lumpur Add to Trip! First catch a glimpse of some traditional Malay houses, as well as watch the production of fine silk Batik garments at the Malaysian Batik Cottage.

The next stopover on the itinerary is an authentic rubber plantation before the journey continues on to the Selangor Pewter factory; the tour concludes with a visit to the well-recognized Batu Caves.

The bus covers a circuit that takes you to over 4o KL tourist sites and you can hop on and off this double-decker tourist bus as often as you like. Langkawi — a Malaysian West Coast superstar — is an archipelago of 99 islands surrounded by teal-blue waters.

With its arresting interior greenery and white-sand beaches, it is home to a myriad assortment of natural as well as manmade attractions. The tour continues with a visit to Taman Buaya Langkawi — where you can watch handlers wrestle with these crocs.

The day winds down with a visit to Black Sand Beach — a great photo stop opportunity — and the Langkawi Wildlife Park.

Perfect place to spot wildlife

This tour will bring you up to Genting Highlands, which is a mountain retreat cum casino 6, feet above sea-level and located a moderate distance away from the city.

Once at the top, you can adjourn and head to the casino for a game of black jack, keno, roulette or other games. Local fare is one of the reasons Penang is so popular — in fact the island is hailed as the hawker food central of the country. The Dutch Heritage Trails Tour brings you on a historic journey to experience the heritage, legacy and culture of Malacca.

Sarawak travel guide - Sarawak, East Malaysia

Colonised by various powers over a period of four centuries, Malacca's landmarks have imprints from the Portuguese, British and Dutch; a trip down its streets promises to be a culturally enriching experience. The acre Legoland Malaysia is more or less circular and divided into seven areas.

The great big swatches of colour, cheery background music, laughing children, brick-patterned rides and giant Lego men and women is almost a sensory assault, but somehow it works.

The Semmengoh Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Centre Tour allows you to get a rare glimpse as well as observe the behaviour and interactions of these shy ginger-haired apes in their native environment.About Us. Borneo Adventure specializes in tours and travel in Malaysia. Our activities are focused on the Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah on the island of Borneo.

Comprises of a rhinoceros hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros) head, which is Sarawak’s official state bird and Malaysia’s national bird, and the number “1” designed incorporating Sarawak’s Orang Ulu tribal motif to complete the bird-like silhouette.

General structure of the rainforest

Tropical rainforest - Population and community development and structure: Tropical rainforests are distinguished not only by a remarkable richness of biota but also by the complexity of the interrelationships of all the plant and animal inhabitants that have been evolving together throughout many millions of years.

As in all ecosystems, but particularly in the complex tropical rainforest. Welcome to Borneo Highlands Resort. Borneo Highlands Resort, one of the most excitingly diverse, enviromental-friendly resorts in Malaysia. Cocooned in a lush green jungle that is teeming with unique flora & fauna, it sits approximately 1, metres above sea level on the Penrissen Range, which is amongst the world's oldest and second largest rainforests.

The tropical rainforest of malaysia sarawak

Kuantan is a calm city located in Pahang state off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is also home to some of the nation’s most popular beaches, in particular, Cherating. The serene atmosphere and beautiful beaches are what attracts visitors from all over the world, time and time again, who come to enjoy the cultural enrichment, warm weather and gentle sea breeze.

Combine relaxation with wide range of sports activities, sight seeing, educational and recreation activities suitable for all ages.

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