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With only two weeks to get out and see the country we left feeling like we barely scratched the surface. All photos by the authors. Tuxtla is a relatively young city in both its demographics and construction. We stayed at the wonderful Hostal Tres Centrala clean and comfortable and thoroughly modern hostel a couple blocks from the main square.

This photo essay

Patricia Evans, who took the photo, remembers the day vividly.

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She was working on a project about children growing up in public housing. How did this ordinary moment become such an iconic image of Chicago public housing?

The 5-year-old, who had refused to steal candy, fell to his death. Early proposals for public housing encouraged racially integrated developments in working-class neighborhoods.

The Robert Taylor Homes, completed inexemplified the politics of public housing: They were built in what was already a slum area. Sketch for Raymond M. Working-class families left for better neighborhoods.

And with a shortage of residents paying rent, the housing projects slid into disrepair and came to be dominated by the drug trade and organized crime.

The buildings became hulking symbols of urban dysfunction to the suburbanites who saw them from the expressway on their daily commute. She had seen a lot while working in cities around the world. But when she settled in Chicago, she recalls, she was surprised by what she saw in that major American city: Evans, as seen in a PBS documentary Marc Pokempner By the time she got there, the original promise of affordable housing for the working class was broken.

Over the next two decades, the Chicago Housing Authority would tear down dozens of high-rise buildings and attempt to relocate more than 24, families and seniors.

Former residents of S.

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Geological Survey Here on the South Side, the projects were built in historic slum areas. This only reinforced the invisible borders — social, economic, racial — segregating the city and contributing to the problems in poor neighborhoods.

Some of the poorest neighborhoods are boxed in by expressways. Geological Survey Evans lived in a pocket of affluence and diversity amid the poorest South Side neighborhoods — in Hyde Park near the University of Chicago. On one autumn afternoon inshe was doing just that, along her normal route.

Geological Survey She was attacked, dragged from the path and sexually assaulted. Afterward, the man who attacked her ran away. He ran across the highway that separates the lakefront from the tough neighborhood that was home to the Ida B.

Within a decade, parts of the city would begin to disappear in the transformation of public housing. Rather than looking away after her attack, she and her husband would spend years working in and around the projects.

Evans had no idea how to navigate the projects at first, she says. And I was always struck by the details. When he sold tchotchkes and trinkets on the street, he would still occasionally break into song. He still lives in the neighborhood and is a social worker helping relocated residents.

Bill grew up in the neighborhood before public housing was built. He held a succession of jobs as a cook. She and her husband, Larry far rightraised two sons and are still advocates for public housing residents.

This photo essay

While some have described public housing as a tangle of failed policies and urban planning, to the people who lived there, it was home. It split up many families.Patricia Evans, who took the photo, remembers the day vividly. She was working on a project about children growing up in public housing.

“It was a very rainy day and I was there with the police waiting for the kids to go to school.”.

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