Tips for writing a novel fast

Share Tweet Do find it difficult writing articles? I will give you simple tips to write about hundred pages of books within 48 hours.

Tips for writing a novel fast

Return to Content How to write a rough draft: This being said, writing a story draft as quickly as possible helps. If you need to speed up your first draft, try a few of these tactics and see which ones help you progress faster: Because your goal is to write fast, your target should be fairly ambitious.

tips for writing a novel fast

Polish, shine and captivating chapter beginningsmiddles and endings come later. The more structure you put in place before actually writing, the easier it will be to keep going. Try the Now Novel story buildera guided process of prompts that will help you gather the loose strands of your ideas and weave them into a richer story tapestry.

First, divide your word count into three acts. Your first and third acts could be 12, words long. Secondly, consider the key moments of each act and where you want to place them: This looser approach still gives you a sense of pace to aim for. The key is to remember a first draft vs a final draft is an entirely different prospect.

Strip down your first draft to the simplest elements Your first draft might not have crazy plot twists or subplots, or all kinds of richly detailed secondary characters.

23 thoughts on “ How to Write a Fast-Draft Novel ” FeliciaJane February 27, at pm. Great tips for creating a full length novel. This has helped me set up . 30 Novel Writing Tips. If you are about to write a novel for the first time, we have some novel writing tips which may help you on your way. We have been helping first time novelists for many years and these tips are compiled from their feedback. There is no definite way to write a novel and different people have different ways of doing it. Oct 06,  · How to Write Faster In this Article: Article Summary Finishing Writing Assignments Quicker Improving Your Handwriting Speed Community Q&A If you want to improve your writing speed, there are several steps that you can take to improve your efficiency and get assignments done faster%(7).

Some ways you can simplify your first draft: Put in stage-like directions instead of detailed scene transitions: You could also try keeping your description simple, for now. Add place or character description to characterize and create tone and mood when you have the skeleton of your story complete, if this mode of working stops you from getting hung up on the details To draft fasteralso give yourself the freedom to work on story sections out of order, if you like.

Just remember to write a sentence or two for even the chapters or sections you leave out. Your final novel should have a narrative arc that makes sense.


Here are some other methods for fast, rough drafting: In regular free writing, you would sit and write anything on a specific subject or anything that pops into your head for a designated amount of time. However, you can still do a kind of free writing when you are working on your novel.

For example, if you have some idea of where a current scene is goingsee how quickly you can write it without stopping to think or self-edit.

Allowing your mind to make subconscious connections without turning on your critical, editorial voice is a good skill to develop. Set creative limits You can also try going in the opposite direction and set rigid but creative limits for yourself: For example, pretend that you are writing your novel as a series of blog posts and you only have words for each scene.

Alternately, imagine that your book is a serial and that readers are getting short segments daily. Since you are writing quickly, you will want to write more than one short scene or segment in each writing session, but this can be a good way to force you to be efficient in each scene and include only the most important details and then move quickly on to whatever comes next.

This exercise is helpful because it will teach you to be succinct and precise so that you avoid cluttered writing.

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Use an accountability partner Partnering up with a writing friend or a writing coach is a useful way to stay focused and determined. At Now Novel, we find members who work with a coach tend to develop deep commitment to their stories, and having someone to bounce ideas off is useful in those moments where you doubt your own intuition.

Setting deadlines for yourself or together with your accountability partner is a small step, and finishing your entire book is a series of these conscious steps.

Several of the rough draft writing techniques outlined above can be combined.Consider writing your novel during November, also known as National Novel Writing Month. During NaNoWriMo , over , participants signed up to try and write a novel in just 30 days, and over 30, of them succeeded.

How to write a rough draft: Finish your novel faster In learning how to write a rough draft, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that suits every writer equally. This . Look at your own novel-in-progress:Have you given us a character with following?Have you created a disturbance for that character in the opening pages?Have you established the stakes (the higher the better) for the story?Have you created a scene that will force the character into the conflict/confrontation central to the plot?Is that scene strong enough—to the point that your character cannot resist walking through that doorway (or has no choice but to do so)?

23 thoughts on “ How to Write a Fast-Draft Novel ” FeliciaJane February 27, at pm. Great tips for creating a full length novel. This has helped me set up . So how can you write a book starting now?

Try F.A.S.T.

tips for writing a novel fast

Want to learn how to write a book from start to finish? Check out How to Write a Book: The Complete Guide. 1.

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Forget The Rules Placed On Your Craft. I’m lucky because I don’t come from a classically trained writing background. When you are writing an e-book how long does it take you? Would you like to be able to write faster without losing quality in your writing?

I'm going to give you seven ideas you can use to write high quality articles and save time doing it.

7 Ways to Write or Blog a Short eBook Fast